Our Team & Mission


Green Homeowners United was started for a simple reason: to make it easy for people to do one of the most important steps to fight climate change and save money in the process. Join us in helping cut carbon emissions at home.

Green Homeowners United exists to make it easier for homeowners and homebuyers to improve their property with renewable energy, energy-efficiency retrofits and water saving opportunities; and we help people find fair financing to afford the carbon-cutting upgrades that normally would be out of reach. Click here to see if our green home upgrade program could be right for you. You can learn more here about how we seek to ensure all homes can be upgraded, and check out our latest happenings and success stories here.

We're also a proud union shop, providing health benefits, training programs for workers to expand their skills, and a pension for when they retire.


Green Homeowners United, President, Sadie Tuescher
Green Homeowners United, President, Sadie Tuescher

Sadie Tuescher - President

Sadie is the President and co-founder of Green Homeowners United. As a green homeowner herself, Sadie has focused on sustainable and fair-sourced practices in the home as well as in business. Sadie is an entrepreneur who has helped launch multiple companies, helped numerous nonprofits, and is involved with local small business organizations in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Green Homeowners United, Chief Economist, Kevin Kane
Green Homeowners United, Chief Economist, Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane - Chief Economist

Kevin is the Chief Economist and co-founder of Green Homeowners United. Kevin works with lenders, realtors and homeowners to navigate and understand the benefits of green homes, and green mortgages specifically. Kevin calculates the carbon impact, costs and economic returns of energy efficiency improvements, and financial calculations of green lending. He worked for over a decade as a community organizer and policy advocate, has helped found cooperative organizations, is a BPI-certified energy assessor and has a Masters in Applied Economics from Marquette University.

Green Homeowners United, Chief Energy Assessor, Tyler Tuescher
Green Homeowners United, Chief Energy Assessor, Tyler Tuescher

Tyler Tuescher - Chief Energy Assessor

Tyler is the Lead Energy Assessor for Green Homeowners United and founding board member. Tyler specializes in on-the-ground energy assessments of residential homes, modeling energy saving opportunities, and creating individual solutions to improve homes' energy performances. A certified BPI Building Analyst, Tyler is also an accomplished woodworker and has worked in environments as diverse as specialty windows, IT networks, and model automotives.

Saidirick Walker - Program Manager

Saidirick is the Project Manager for Green Homeowners United. Saidirick specializes in visiting homes to identify opportunities for energy improvement, and works directly to deliver on energy-saving improvements. Saidirick is active in area community organizations and has worked for the promotion of electrification in buildings to combat climate change.

Harrison Phillips -Residential Energy Specialist

Harrison is a certified lead renovator and certified EMT. He is also training for his BPI certification for Energy Assessment. In his free time, Harrison is a DJ and plays baseball.

Jack Phillips -Residential Energy Specialist

Jack has his lead renovator certification and is working on his BPI certification for Energy Assessing. In his free time, Jack enjoys fishing and is an accomplished pottery teacher.

Josh Holland - Insulation & Air Sealing Specialist

Josh joined the team in August 2022 and comes with 5 years of carpentry experience. He is skilled in a variety of home repairs. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with family.


Justin Raspberry - Insulation & Air Sealing Specialist

Justin joined the team in November 2022 with prior experience in the energy upgrades field. Justin is particularly passionate about basement upgrades and repairs. He is also a skilled painter and muralist, you can find him on Instragram @juice_theartist

Nick Hansen - HVAC Grant Park Heating and Cooling

Nick owns Grant Park Heating and Cooling. He has worked in the HVAC industry over two decades and has extensive experience in all things HVAC.

Katy Kraemer - Green Building Consultant

Katy Kraemer is the Green Building Consultant for Green Homeowners United, helping customers connect with the right renewable energy update to help meet their renewable energy goals. Her diverse background has been driven by her drive to help people and make the world a better place. Professional experiences include: Community Education, Communications, Training, and renewable energy sales, selling over 289 kilowatts of solar. She loves Wisocnsin-y things like Badgers, Packers, beer, brats, gardening, kayaking, horseback riding and being a parent of a darling daughter.