Telling the Public About the Inflation Reduction Act Incentives!

Green Homeowners United and partners are getting the word out about how you can get funds to upgrade your home!

6/11/20241 min read

Green Homeowners United - a woman-owned, unionized social enterprise dedicated to fighting climate change in homes - today with a collection of partners announced a big push to start getting the word out about the new Inflation Reduction Act rebates to local homeowners!

Together with a long list of partners, our coalition announced plans to get the word out to homeowners all over Milwaukee and beyond. Including direct mail, billboards, door-to-door canvassing, digital ads, public speaking events, yard signs and more! Partners such as:

  • Forward Together Wisconsin

  • Citizen Action of Wisconsin

  • Common Ground

  • City of Milwaukee Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO)

  • Our Future Milwaukee

  • Climate Power

  • Sierra Club - Wisconsin Chapter

  • Grant Park Heating & Cooling

  • Arch Solar, and more

How can you sign up to learn if you home is eligible? Click below to learn more

Green Homeowners United workers, supporters, clients and allies at an event in Milwaukee's Sherman Park to promote getting the word out about the new Inflation Reduction Act incentives!

Example of a billboard in Milwaukee highlighting the opportunities from the IRA!